Power consistency is control cornerstone

Providing technical machines with high-quality power and protecting them from power surges and other disturbances is crucial when designing reliability into industrial automation systems.

By Rick Pedraza, Managing Editor, Digital Media

UNWANTED surges or disturbances can wreak havoc on sensitive factory-floor devices. As a result, new products and devices designed to prevent or reduce such risks are introduced continually to the global marketplace.

The power supply and power management market experienced some difficult times from 2001 until recently, as did the overall semiconductor market. Current forecasts are rosier and project that the recovery of the power supply industry will depend on new and improved product technology, architecture, delivery capabilities, price and quality.

According to recent research by industry analyst Frost & Sullivan, the North American uninterruptible power supply (UPS) market was $1.7 billion in 2003 and is expected to reach $2 billion in 2006.

In addition, increased networking capabilities have changed the demands on new power management devices, resulting in improvement in the markets since the second half of 2004. Worldwide shipments of UPS equipment and supplies are projected to grow at an annual rate of 6.8% to $10.1 billion by 2009.
Further, a soon-to-be-released report from Business Communications Co. (BCC) shows the worldwide market for power supply and management devices and software reached $27.5 billion in 2005, and is expected to grow at an annual rate of 9.6% to $43.6 billion by 2010.

To speed up the recovery, say Frost’s analysts, power supply manufacturers are introducing technologies to build power reserves into their new products, and eliminating the need for control designers to overbuild or oversize a system.

While many industry observers now describe power supply devices as high-end because they include programming and intelligence, Frost says the lack of strong differential features has created a commodity market for these products, especially in the high-end segment. Also, outsourcing to low-cost regions such as Asia is creating strengthening price competition. To overcome pricing pressures, vendors are beginning to offer more differential features such as device accessories. In addition, form-factor reduction has gained importance and vendors are now presenting additional features at the same price.

Product Roundup:

Power Supplies

Dual Dimensions
YR2.Diode dual-input, single-output decoupling Dimension family module is rated 10–60 VDC wide-range input, has a 20 A output, and is UL508-listed. The diodes are enclosed in a 32 mm wide, rugged metal housing, and have spring-clamp terminals. Typical applications are redundancy, battery charging and backup, isolation of sensitive loads and buffered branches. Puls Power Supplies; 630-587-9780; www.puls-power.com/us

Switch Hitter
PSM24-090S-N Rhino switching power supply includes 24 VDC, 3.75 A, 90-W output, DIN rail mounting, a slim metal case with pluggable screw terminal connector, 85-264 VAC auto-selectable input, constant-current short-circuit protection, as well as UL508, 1950 and CE-compliance. It has a dual-color status indicator LED, remote on/off contact and NPN output. AutomationDirect; 800/633-0405; www.automationdirect.com

Power to the PoEple
PSM275 power supply has integrated 24-port power over Ethernet (PoE) injection for switch and PBX applications. With 12 VDC output voltage for switch and 50 VDC output voltage per port in PoE, it can implement eight to 24 ports, and can be powered from either wide-range AC input, 90-265 VAC, or a single 44-57 VDC input. It has power factor correction and full compliance to European and U.S. EMC requirements. Phihong; 510/445-0100; www.phihong.com

Hot and Cold Power Housing  
Logo! power supply provides 24 VDC/4 A while delivering up to 96 W of power in a 90 mm-wide housing. Units come with output voltages of 5, 12, and 15 VDC. Input ranges from 85-264 VAC. The models operate from -20 to 55 ºC, and have a standard green LED operating status indicator and a potentiometer to adjust the output voltage on the front of the modules. Siemens E&A 800/964-4114; www.siemens.com/sitop

More Trunk Space
TrunkGuard fieldbus power supplies provide up to 350 mA power for two, four or eight Foundation and Profibus PA fieldbus segments. Each carrier provides mounting positions for multiple segment power conditioners and has built-in connectors for two DC supplies (18-32 V). Segment wiring is via conventional screw-clamp terminals or controller-specific connectors. On-board surge protection is optional. MooreHawke; 818/894-7111l; www.moorehawke.com

All Lines Are Open
FieldConnex fieldbus power hub (FPH) modular power supply for Foundation fieldbus (FF-H1) provides multiple power supplies for fieldbus devices. Fieldbus segment connections can be integrated with appropriate terminators and host-specific system plug connectors. The hub follows the passive design of powering the fieldbus network, while providing redundant galvanic isolation and host spur protection. Pepperl+Fuchs; 330/486-0002; www.fieldconnex.info

No Need for Enclosure
Industrial machinery power supplies have a universal input of 90-264 VAC, while providing a 24 VDC output for direct use without an enclosure. They have DIN-rail mounting, a fully enclosed aluminum housing, and a SPDT contact for remote failure indication. Single-phase switching power supplies are available in both a 3 A and 5 A versions and have short-circuit, overload, over-temperature, and I/O over-voltage protection. Automation Systems Interconnect; 877/650-5160; www.asi-ez.com

Surviving a 130% Surge
Regulated DC power supplies provide 24 VDC power with added power boost capability that withstands 130% of rated current for five seconds. Internal, built-in redundancy enables paralleling power supplies, while eliminating external modules. A status relay contact provides instant visual indication of power supply shutdown or failure. Weidmüller; 804/794-2877; www.weidmuller.com

Pardon the Interruption
S8VM power supply signals an undervoltage alarm when voltage falls or is interrupted. The unit indicates the cause, enabling quick troubleshooting onsite, and uses combinations of LEDs to indicate a momentary power interruption, overload, or voltage due to device aging. The unit is available in ratings of 15-150 W and voltage capacities of 5-24 V. Omron Electronics; 866/88-OMRON; www.omron.com/oei

Twice the Power
PICMG 2.1-compliant, 300 W, 3 U, high-compact PCI power supplies have a dual-converter topology to draw 40 A from the +3.3 VDC output, and 30 A from the +5 VDC output at +55 °C operating ambient temperature. The series covers universal AC input with active power factor correction (PFC), 48 VDC or 24 VDC input. Units are approved for UL, cUL, VDE/TUV and carry the CE mark. Digital Power Corp.; 866/34-7697; www.digipwr.com

Well Adjusted for Voltages
HWS1500 power supplies in 12, 15, 24 and 48 V output can be adjusted to ±20% of nominal voltage to accommodate non-standard system voltages. The 24-V model has a peak current capability of 105 A with a line voltage greater than 200 VAC. The units accept input voltages 85-265 VAC and comply with both the SEMI F47 and EN61000-3-2 harmonic correction standards. Remote on/off, DC good and current-share signals are standard. Lambda; 800/LAMBDA4; www.lambdapower.com

Quality Solutions Cataloged
Power quality solutions catalog has product descriptions, upgraded part specifications and detailed technical charts. Its 254 pages include power quality, control power solutions, power distribution, a power solutions desk reference, and an education guide containing FAQs. Sola/Hevi-Duty; 800/377-4384; www.sola-hevi-duty.com

Compact, Corrected, Cooled
VF-S150 switching power supplies feature power factor correction (EN61000-3-2 class A), maximum power output of 150 W with 16 CFM of forced-air cooling, and provide 600 W of peak power for up to 500 ms. The units produce full output power from 0-50 °C. Power de-rates linearly from 50-70 °C. Control and protection features include remote on/off, over-voltage, over-current, over-temperature, and short-circuit protections. V-Infinity; 503/372-1267; www.v-infinity.com

Phasers on Stunning
Quint industrial-grade power supplies offer current range of 2.5-40 A, voltage outputs of 12, 24 and 48 V, and inputs from 85-264 VAC single-phase and 320-575 VAC for three-phase devices. It has a shock-proof industrial housing; LED status indicator in the secondary circuit; front-access terminal block connection; regulated low ripple outputs; snap-on DIN-rail mounting; and fused input and output. Phoenix Contact; 800/322-3225; www.phoenixcon.com/power

Bridge Over Troubled Wattage
The 1609 UPS line can power control panel and programmable controller devices to bridge a short-term outage or provide backup power to allow devices to save needed data and shut down safely. The units can deliver 500 VA for nine minutes and can be DIN rail-mounted inside a control panel. The UPS is equipped with Ethernet and serial ports for remote monitoring. Rockwell Automation; 800/226-5354; www.ra.rockwell.com

Mind Over Management
IPC3402-2756 power controller has Ethernet (TCP/IP), dial-up, or serial RS-232 connections for remote power management. The unit offers 24 A of power in a 1 U-tall package. Integrated power control allows rebooting of locked equipment or control system power with an Internet connection. It limits inrush problems, provides user-configurable sequencing, and provides local on/off control of each outlet. Pulizzi Engineering; 800/870-2248; www.pulizzi.com

Hot Swap, Redundant Operation
TSP series of DIN rail-mount power supplies comply with EMC standards. Add-on modules provide hot-swap/redundant operation, battery backup, and voltage dip/brownout protection. Units feature -25 to 70 °C operating temperature range; variable output voltages; dual-color LED status indicators; and indefinite short circuit, over-voltage, over-temperature protection. Reliability is calculated at >350,000 hours per IEC-61709. PowerGate LLC; 866/588 1750; www.powergatellc.com.

Supply in Shining Armor
787 Series power supplies provide DC power in a metal-clad housing and compact DIN-rail mount design, in one or three phases, with input voltages of 90-264 or 325-550 VAC, output voltages of 12 or 24 VDC, current ratings of 1.3, 2, 2.5, 4, 8, 10, or 20 A, and power ratings to 480 W. It has LED indication of output voltage, adjustable output voltage via a potentiometer to compensate for voltage drop, and analog interface for output measurements. Wago; 800/DIN-RAIL; www.wago.com

Breaker, Breaker…Remotely
ESS20-1 circuit breaker provides circuit protection of DIN-rail equipment connected to switch-mode power supplies. Because the unit is remotely re-settable, any number of modules can be placed side-by-side on a standard DIN-rail, and connected via bus bar to create a custom system. In the event of an overload, the unit electronically shuts down the circuit. E-T-A; 847/827-7600; www.e-t-a.com

Charge It, Thyristor-ly
BCR Series industrial battery chargers are thyristor-based systems that can be used in UPS systems as a solid-state controls inverter or as a standalone device for charging-only applications. All standard sizes (ampere ratings), options and features fit into one cabinet design. Options include a 0.1% ripple filter, top-cable entry, auto-equalize timer and digital meters. Ametek; 614/846-7500; www.solidstatecontrolsinc.com

Regulated Switch Rides DIN Rail
Phaseo regulated switch-mode DC power supplies are available in three models, all with overload, short-circuit, over-voltage and under-voltage protection. Models include single-phase and three-phase units with 100 to 520 V inputs, 12 or 24 VDC outputs, and ratings of 10 to 40 A. All three deliver a voltage accurate within 3%, regardless of load and supply voltage. They are UL listed and CSA certified, and conform to IEC standards. Schneider Electric; 800/392-8781; www.squared.com

Prepare to Switch
Switch mode power supplies range in sizes up to 240 W, accept 120/220 V input voltage and provide an output voltage of 24 VDC, with other voltages available upon request. A built-in filter is available on some units. The 240 W version can be used in parallel mode to power higher current loads, and some models are available with detachable wiring terminals. Output voltage can be fine-tuned to compensate for line loses. Gavazzi Automation Components; 847/465-6100; www.gavazzionline.com.

Trouble-Free Connection
PIP power supplies have a continuous increased output of 20% at up to 40 °C, wide-range input voltage with PFC for one- and three-phase networks, and intelligent load line for parallel connection. They meet European standard EN 61204-3, feature a switching output that signals both overload and overheating problems, and operate as a fail-safe function directly from the PLC. Murrelektronik; 770/497-9292; www.murrinc.com 

Protect Your Power Base
CAR1200 power supply has 24 V output, available in a 1 U shelf at +24 V, and provides up to 6,000 W and 4,800 W in an N+1 redundant system. It includes universal AC input, constant current characteristic, current sharing capability, full system capability, power-factor correction, and full protection features. Cherokee International; 714/544-6665; www.cherokeepwr.com

Your Euro Compatibility
C4500 Series of 1,600 W, 6 U high, VME/Eurorack-compatible DC/DC and AC/DC converters are available in nine standard DC input voltage ranges from 10-900 VDC, as well as AC input voltage ranges of 185-264 VAC and 93-138 VAC/185-264 VAC (switchable). Three-phase AC input voltages of 3x400 VAC (320-460 VAC) and 3x480 VAC (400-530 VAC) also are available. All outputs are adjustable and fully regulated to 0.2% or better (load) and 0.1% (line). Schaefer; 508/881-7330; www.schaefer.com

Generation X
Xgen power kit lets users configure a custom power supply, including a powerPac front-end chassis and seven plug-in powerMod DC output modules. Output modules can be plugged in, removed and exchanged in minutes, and maintain all safety agency approvals. Each kit comes in a metal case with seven output modules offering isolated single and dual outputs ranging from 1.5-58 VDC and up to 50 Amps. Excelsys; 972/771-4544; www.excelsys.com

Protective Isolation
SG Series 5 and 6kVA UPS Plus feature a galvanically isolated input of either 120 VAC or 230 VAC and an output of 208/220/230/240 VAC. Input galvanic isolation gives an extra layer of protection for sensitive equipment, helping to protect against localized, high-level power pollution problems, fast high-voltage transients, lightning, grounding problems and common mode noise. Falcon Electric; 800/842-6940; www.falconups.com