Know any great machine builders? How about you? We’re looking for the best machine control innovators in the industry

We’re asking for nominations of companies you think are innovative machine builders for CONTROL DESIGN’s 2006 Machine Automation Innovators Awards.


CLICK HERE to nominate a Machine Builder Innovator

THE WINNERS will be featured in a cover story in CONTROL DESIGN’s April 2006 issue. The winners will be machine builders who have used new technology to greatly increase machine performance, reduce costs, improve their company’s marketplace standing, overcome foreign competition, or secure other outstanding results.

Nominations will be accepted until Feb. 15, 2006. They can be made by:

  • A machine builder nominating itself;
  • A machine builder organization nominating one or more members;
  • Automation vendor or system integrators nominating a builder client;
  • An end-user organization nominating one or more machine builders; or
  • A major end-user nominating a machine builder.

Documentation supporting these nominations needs to be as specific as possible, and needs to include: industry segment served by the company; description of the machine and its functions; key machine operating parameters; notable automaton and controls content; uniqueness compared to its competition; impact on the end-user’s throughput, quality, flexibility, reliability, and its impact on the builder and end-user’s market positions.

CONTROL DESIGN’s editors will then review the entries, and conduct follow-up interviews with relevant company personnel to fully evaluate the nominations. Once winners are chosen, these interviews will be used to build profiles that will appear in the April 2006 cover story.

The number of winners will depend on the quantity and quality of entries received. Ideally, we would like to have at least one winner from each major industry sector that CONTROL DESIGN covers, including packaging equipment, semiconductor tools, machining centers, material handling, metalworking, rolling mills and converting.                

CLICK HERE to nominate a Machine Builder Innovator.

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