Reacting to customer needs

What’s the biggest influence on machine control design? Check out our Web Poll results and find out just what it is that customers demand. Then take the new Web Poll on cycle time requirements.'s previous Web Poll results

Responders' comments:

  • “The operators need more help than ever.”
  • “With tightened IT budgets, fast commissioning is a key deciding factor in choosing support hardware and software, as long as the functional requirements are met and we're not designing ourselves into a corner.”
  • “My customers have to do more different products with the machines today.”
  • “Everything needs to be ‘idiot proof’ due to what seems to be a less trainable work force.”
  • “Information rules.”
  • “The customer wants faster commissioning. Easier reconfiguration is dependent on system age. All suppliers are trying to improve diagnostics and troubleshooting. Those are some of the factors listed here that are part of my choice of guaranteed performance.”

Take the new poll on (at left) and answer the following questions regarding cycle time requirements:

  1. What are your cycle time requirements?
  2. If fast response is more important, how fast is the required response?
  3. If repeatable response is more important, what is the maximum allowable response time?

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