Our big study on your automation research and buying habits is underway

On Tuesday Jan. 3rd many of you received an e-mail link to an important study CONTROL DESIGN is conducting. If you haven't yet, we'll be grateful if you'll take a few minutes now to complete the questionnaire. Click here for details.

WE'RE CONDUCTING what we think will be an important study that should provide a useful look at the way industrial machine builders research, specify and purchase automation and controls for their machines. That process seems to have been changing over the past five years, and we want to characterize those changes by what you have to say, not by relying on the opinions of analysts and automation suppliers. It just might clue the vendor community in on things you want done better.

I'm asking you to take a few minutes and participate in the study. We sent the link out to many of you on January 3rd via e-mail. Since we want the link solely in the hands of machine builders and SIs, we couldn't just post a link on the home page.

When we had a few people test drive it, it took anywhere from 5 to 12 minutes to complete the questionnaire. 

We’ll publish the results of this study in the March issue. In the meantime, I can’t stress enough how helpful it will be if you step up and give us your best effort in completing the questionnaire.

If you’re party to the machine control choices in your company—and you didn’t get an e-mail link to the study questions—get in touch with me (jfeeley@putman.net), and I’ll hook you up.

Joe Feeley, Editor in Chief

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