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By Rick Pedraza

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“The Best Of” The Answer to Your Problems
A lot of great questions have been asked by readers of Control Design’s popular, The Answer to Your Problems column over the last few years. Here at, we’ve compiled them all, along with their answers, to ease your search for answers to your problems. Have a quandary? Save yourself the hefty consulting fees by submitting a question to our reader experts, and get The Answer to Your Problems by going to


Calculating Total Value of Ownership
This new white paper argues that machine builders can highlight other features, like OEE, to determine a machine’s worth.

The ABCs of Internet Protocol
This report defines TCP/IP and other topics related to the IP portion of the TCP/IP stack as it applies to control networks.

What is SafetyNET p?
This paper introduces readers to SafetyNET p, an Ethernet-based network for industry that can be used for real-time and safe communication functions.

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OPC – A Decade of Success
Over the past 10 years, OLE for Process Control’s (OPC) open connectivity has become widely accepted. In this special-to-the-web article, OPC specialist Eric Murphy details the latest in OPC technology and specifications, and provides his thoughts on where the technology is headed, particularly due to evolution of the OPC UA specification.


If you use PC-based machine control, do you employ a third-party RTOS kernel?




If yes, who handles integration issues?

We do

RTOS kernel supplier

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If you don't use an RTOS today, do you expect your machine performance needs to require one during the next 3-5 years?





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