Top 5 Most Popular Downloads This Month

See the top 5 most downloaded whitepapers on for the month of August. houses a vast collection of innovative whitepapers and other content for visitors to download for free. After a short registration, you can use these papers to solve many of the problems that vex you.

Here, we have summarized the five most popular downloads of the month according to you, the site visitors. Check them out.

  1. DC drive fundamentals
    This paper examines some of the basic characteristics obtainable from DC motors and their associated solid-state controls.
  2. Understanding programmable automation controllers (PACs) in industrial automation
    This paper provides an understanding of how PACs provide in a single compact controller the advanced control features, network connectivity, device interoperability, and enterprise data integration capabilities found in PLC- or PC-based automation controllers.
  3. The world of drives
    This white paper explores the world of drives used in motion control applications—including inverter, vector, servo and now, linear drives—and explains where each is best used.
  4. Advances in stepper motors: The disc magnet technology
    This paper shows the salient differences between a traditional brushless DC and a stepper motor, as well as the different technologies used in stepper motors.
  5. Closed loop control of stepper motors without position sensor
    This paper presents a patent-pending method to operate stepper motors in closed loop position without position sensors, boosting stepper-motor performance into the range of servomotor performance while maintaining the inherent simplicity of the conventional stepper motor drive system.

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