Wireless Sensor Network Patents Grow 200%

A recent report from West Technology Research Solutions, an independent market research organization for the wireless industry, indicates a 200% increase in the overall amount of wireless sensor network patent activity, as well as a qualitative change in the types of patent applications and grants, over the past 18 months. Until recently, wireless sensing patent activity was focused primarily on the technology required to implement networks and devices used to provide sensor services. Current activity indicates that technology development is driven by the requirements to enable specific network functionality and a necessity for larger and more robust networks. There is a significant increase in patent applications, as well as patent grants related to home control and automation; building control and automation; industrial control; vehicular applications; and energy management. Also significant is the trend where companies with real product and application focus are entering the arena of technology development.




Users Sound Off at NIWeek
Attendees at National Instruments’ annual user conference in Austin, Texas, in August reacted to the company’s new 8.5 version of LabVIEW. “Multicore processing is pretty new, but LabVIEW’s promise is exciting enough for people who haven’t already bought in to start,” says Adam Suchko, chief engineer at Engineering Concepts Unlimited, an electrical control equipment manufacturer in Fishers, Ind. Read more of what Suchko and others thought about NI’s latest developments and features in our Web exclusive at ControlDesign.com/niweek.

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