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Engineers Attend Engineering Schools

I noticed in your article on Illinois State University’s grant for their automation lab [“College Lab Builds Future Engineers” Aug. ’07;] you used the term “engineer.”  ISU is not an engineering school.

Technology programs are extremely important for the future of automation, and ISA has a strong emphasis on engineering technology and technicians. Graduates of these technology programs are often very well prepared to do much of the work needed in automation design and maintenance. However, technology and engineering educations are different, and we should not confuse the two.  Many companies only hire graduates to be “engineers” if their school was ABET accredited as an engineering school. While automation engineering technology education is making some progress, very little progress has been made in automation engineering education.

Vernon Trevathan
VP, professional development,

Engineering Trek: The Next Generation

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I know young engineers don’t develop as they did in the old days because some students in my high school engineering class come in thinking, “That’s way too complicated for me.” Gone are the days of the local TV repair shop, which for many was a citadel of electronics. Guys in the armed services trained in radio electronics, had countless stores all over the country, and made good money being the “geek squad” of the 1940s, ‘50s and ‘60s for the incredible, high-tech, black and white (and—whoa!—color) televisions.

Adam Suchko, chief engineer
Engineering Concepts Unlimited