Motion Control Market Healthy, Growing

Learn what are the results of a recent report on the motion control industry.

Reported sales of motors, electronic drives, controllers, actuators and other motion control components from second quarter 2007 are up almost 4% from the previous quarter, according to results of a recent report on the motion control industry. The findings also show reported shipments for the quarter grew steadily to $503 million. The report, produced by the Motion Control Association (, breaks the market down into 10 categories including motion controllers, PLCs, electronic drives/amplifiers, AC drives, motors, AC motors, actuators and mechanical systems, sensors and feedback devices, other ancillary components, and support and services. Motors, comprised of DC brush motors, AC and DC brushless motors, servomotors with gearing mounted, direct drive, linear motors and steppers, accounted for the largest percentage of sales at 36.5%, followed by electronic drives (DC drives, AC and DC brushless drives, multi-axis drives, and stepper drives) at 26% and AC drives (inverter drives, vector drives, and AC adjustable speed drives) at 14%.

While motors represent the largest segment of orders reported, they were down slightly from first quarter 2007. Electronic drive orders were up 18% over first quarter. “The findings show that the motion control market as a whole is expanding at a healthy rate and represents an important area of vitality within the greater economy,” says Paul Kellett, MCA’s director of market analysis.

The MCA began collecting industry data for the global motion control market for year-end 2006 and now is collecting and reporting data quarterly. “Accurate and reliable industry data is crucial for strategic business planning and has been needed by motion control companies for years,” says John Mazurkiewicz, product marketing manager for Baldor and MCA’s current board president.