Demand for Power Pushes Upward

Switched-Mode, Three-Phase and Green Power Head the Wish List

In 2006, the power supply market was estimated at more than $14.6 billion and was forecasted to achieve modest growth to more than $20 billion by 2012, according to a research report from IMS Research (, an electronics industry research network in Montreal.

According to Joel Audino, product manager at Carlo Gavazzi (, there is “a tremendous demand for reliable DC power, particularly in critical applications.”

One of the trends Audino sees is a transition from older linear-type power supplies to newer, switched-mode power supplies. “The linear type, characterized by a large transformer and heavy weight, usually are 25–50% efficient, whereas the switching type can have efficiencies from 65–90%,” he says. “With the linear style, you can get approximately 10–15 W per pound and they take up 2–3 in3 of space per watt. With switching, you get about 30 W per pound, and require only 1–2 in3 of space per watt.”

As control systems become more dependent on high-quality, reliable power capable of many different applications, there’s a transition underway from low-power, general-purpose power supplies to higher power, including three-phase, industrial-grade power supplies.

Low-profile power supplies are a new trend in the marketplace. They offer a shallow depth and fit more easily into most electrical cabinets and distribution panels. Gavazzi engineers say they offer the same great efficiencies and light weight of the standard switching power supplies but offer a versatile, shallow mounting configuration.

Expanded functionality is another trend that embraces features such as parallel function, power boost and power factor correction. “For redundancy in critical applications, the parallel function is a feature where, rather than merely including a second set of output terminals, some manufacturers include a built-in decoupling diode,” says Gavazzi. “This minimizes added expense and conserves valuable cabinet space compared to using a separate decoupling module. Power boost capability provides an extra 10–25% power capability to handle increased demand or for under-specified power supplies.”

Environmentally friendly configurations also are becoming more popular, not to mention being required in certain areas. “Green power is the largest outside influence on power-supply designs right now,” states David Norton, vice president of marketing, Lambda Americas ( “Higher and flatter efficiency curves with reduced standby and device-off power drains are being mandated by the California Efficiency Commission and Energy Star.”

Luisa Muyco, product specialist at IDEC (, beleievs that, “while reliability, quality and ease-of-use remain key factors in the power supply market, customers also continue to look for compact and lightweight power supplies that give them the benefit of space and cost savings. DIN-rail switched-mode power efficiencies are rising and price pressures continue as customers look for larger wattage power supplies and three-phase power supplies to eliminate transformers. Universal inputs, SEMI F47, Class 1, Div. 2 (UL1604) and UL508 will continue to be in demand in the future as well.”

S8VS-Series switching power supplies with built-in diangostic displays shortens troublehooting inside the control panel. The display shows the status of output voltage, output current and peak hold current. The single-phase, single-output AC-to-DC power supplies are available with display on models ranging from 60 W to 480 W.
Omron Electronics LLC; 866/45-omron;

PSU67, 24 V, IP67-rated power supply uses potting material rated for washdown and provides self-extinguishing capability to UL94-VO standard. Efficiencies approach 90%, isolation protection is 3.3 kVac, and the units have output ranges of 90–264 Vac or 110–735 Vdc. It uses minifast 7/8-in. connectors and carries approvals from UL, CE, and CAN/CSA.

ESX10-T electronic circuit protector has electronic trip characteristics and active current limitation to allow selective disconnect of loads wired to 24 Vdc power supplies. It limits the highest current to 1.3–1.8 times the rated capacity, making it possible to switch on capacitive loads up to 20,000 microF. Failure and status indication are provided by a multicolor LED and status output signal and can be remotely enabled and reset with a digital signal.
E-T-A Circuit Breakers; 800/462-9979;

Slim Line power supplies (90x22.5x95 mm for 10 W and 15 W models) are available at 5 V in 10 W, and 12 V and 24 V in 15 W. All are UL508 listed for 100% full load operation, eliminating the need to oversize or derate the power supply. Meeting UL 1604 standard and Class 1 Div. 2, the power supplies are suitable for hazardous locations and are NEC Class 2-rated.
IDEC; 408/745-5215;

DDP120  120 W series comes with a nominal output of 12 V, 24 V or 48 V, while the DPP240  240 W series is available with 24/48 V output. Both series have a front-panel potentiometer for adjusting the output voltage. Up to three units can be paralleled for higher power applications. Typical efficiencies reach up to 90%.
Lambda; 619/628-2859;

Three-phase power supplies have been added to the Trio line with the same power output regulation as Quint, Mini and Step power supplies. Three DC grounding terminals allow connection to earth or ground. They offer a universal input range from 320 to 525 Vac. Currents of 10 A, 20 A and 40 A are available.
Phoenix Contact; 717/944-1300;

Two SDN-C power supplies in 5 A and 10 A, 24 Vdc output sizes have a visual diagnostic LED. Designed to be a specification-grade unit that can be DIN-rail mounted in a control cabinet, the SDN-C units reduce excess heat in the panel. The 5 A output model SDN 5-24-100C is 23% smaller than the previous generation of power supplies, while the 10A SDN 10-24-100C unit is 27% smaller.
Sola/Hevi-Duty; 847/268-6613;

787 Series DC power supplies have a metal clad housing and DIN-rail mounting design. The switch-mode power supplies are available in single or three-phase versions with 90–264 or 325–550 Vac inputs, 12/24 Vdc outputs, current ratings of 1.3, 2, 2.5, 4, 8, 10 or 20 A, and power ratings to 480 W. These units offer over-voltage protection, short-circuit protection, surge protection and in-rush current limiting via NTC resistor to ensure operational reliability.
Wago; 800/din-rail;

The 1609 UPS line can power control panel and programmable controller devices to bridge a short-term outage or provide backup power to allow devices to save needed data and shut down safely. The units can deliver 500 VA for nine minutes and can be DIN-rail mounted inside a control panel. The UPS is equipped with Ethernet and serial ports for remote monitoring.
Rockwell Automation; 800/226-5354;

FieldConnex fieldbus power hub (FPH) modular power supply for Foundation Fieldbus (FF-H1) provides multiple power supplies for fieldbus devices. Fieldbus segment connections can be integrated with appropriate terminators and host-specific system plug connectors. The hub follows the passive design of powering the fieldbus network, while providing redundant galvanic isolation and host spur protection.
Pepperl+Fuchs; 330/486-0002

YR2.Diode dual-input, single-output decoupling Dimension family module is rated 10–60 Vdc wide-range input, has a 20 A output, and is UL 508 listed. The diodes are enclosed in a 32-mm-wide, rugged metal housing and have spring-clamp terminals. Typical applications are redundancy, battery charging and backup, isolation of sensitive loads and buffered branches.
Puls Power Supplies; 630/587-9780

Phaseo regulated switched-mode DC power supplies are available in three models, all with overload, short-circuit, over-voltage and under-voltage protection. Models include single-phase and three-phase units with 100-520 V inputs, 12 or 24 Vdc outputs, and ratings of 10-40 A. All three deliver a voltage accurate within 3%, regardless of load and supply voltage. They are UL listed and CSA certified, and conform to IEC standards.
Schneider Electric; 800/392-8781;

RNB130 primary switched-mode power supply comes in a 35-mm-wide DIN-rail-mount housing per IEC 60715. It can be connected to mono-phased AC networks or to two-phase conductors of three-phase supply networks (TN, TT or IT networks as per VDE 0100 T 300/IEC 364-3) with 100–240 Vac nominal voltage.
Endress+Hauser; 888/endress;

HSF series of hot-swappable plug-in power supplies (50–1,500 W) are designed to be combined with an N+1 fault-tolerant power system. Built-in forced current sharing and OR-ing diodes are provided. It can be used independently as a multi-output power supply, available in 1U  and 3U housings.
Kepco; 718/461-7006;

TSP Series DIN-rail power supplies are certified to the IECEx Scheme for explosive atmospheres. Featuring a metal case, with shock- and vibration-proof construction, 14 standard models are available with regulated, adjustable output voltages of 12, 24 and 48 Vdc with ratings up to 25 A. Remote on/off is standard.
Power Sources Unlimited; 800/966-7784;

Rhino PSP series (5/12/ 24 Vdc) has a molded plastic case and provides tightly regulated voltage output. PSM series (12/24 Vdc) comes in metal cases to withstand harsh industrial environments. PS series (12/24 Vdc) delivers switched DC power.
AutomationDirect; 770/889-2858;

Sitop DC UPS add-on package maintains a stable 24 Vdc voltage to minimize downtime from power failures. Several hold-up, time and battery configurations can be tailored to fit your application. An optional serial interface or USB interface allows communication with higher-level control systems.
Siemens E&A; 770/871-3946;

The b maXX 4100 regenerative controllers can be used for power ratings 35–180 kW. For machines running in reversing duty, where sudden acceleration followed by deceleration is typical, the units feed the energy generated back into the system while the controllers compensate the prevailing energy losses, which are relatively insignificant. The b maXX converters supply power to one or a number of power modules and feed brake energy back into the system.
Baümuller; 847/956-7392;

Regulated DC power supplies provide 24 Vdc power with added power boost capability that withstands 130% of rated current for five seconds. Internal, built-in redundancy enables paralleling power supplies, while eliminating external modules.
Weidmüller; 804/794-2877;

Primary-switched power supplies include a single-phase power supply featuring 24 V and 20 A or 40 A, and a Class 2 power supply (3.8 A, 24 V, 92 W), with an input range for AC and DC supply suitable for global industrial applications. They offer outputs of 5 V, 12 V, 15 V, 24 V or 48 V, and efficiency is rated at 92%.
Lutze; 800/447-2371;

SPD Series includes a 480 W, 3-phase switching power supply available in 24 and 48 Vdc output voltages, universal input voltages of 340–575 Vac and 480–820 Vdc and has power factor correction and parallel functions. The DIN-rail power supply has short circuit, overvoltage and overload protection, Power OK and Low Output Voltage diagnostic LEDs and a relay output for a power ready signal.
Carlo Gavazzi; 847/465-6100;

Single-output, narrow profile power supplies provide 3.3–125 V and deliver up to 288 W on either AC or DC input. Models with outputs greater than 120 W have power factor correction and output inhibit capability; applying between +3 and +25 Vdc to the inhibit terminal will disable the output. All models include remote sensing and overload, over-voltage, short-circuit and thermal protection.
Acopian; 610/258-5441;

CSG2400C three-phase input DIN-rail mounted power supply provides 24 Vdc ,100 A continuous at 45 ºC and 150 A peak for startup of heavy loads. It is 12 in. wide, has short-circuit, overload, over-temperature, input/output overvoltage protection and is UL 508 listed.
ASI; 877/650-5160;

Two DIN-rail-mount power supply control modules enable parallel/redundant operation and battery backup/UPS to a range of power products from 20–960 W used in industrial electrical cabinets and enclosures. Battery control functions allow battery status and control including test, polarity, fail and discharge functions. The parallel redundancy offers connections with OR-ing diodes rated for 24 V and 20 A.
Bravo Electro Components; 800/ 392-6318;


FPS200 Trunkguard provides conditioned power for Foundation Fieldbus H1 networks in general-purpose and non-incendive applications. Simplex configuration allows up to eight FPS200 modules to be installed on a single DIN-rail carrier to power up to eight individual H1 fieldbus segments. Duplex configuration provides redundant, load-sharing, hot-swappable power conditioners. Two modules share the load to one H1 segment. If one module fails, the other picks up the entire load.
Moore Industries; 818/894-7111;

Mean Well PID-250 open-frame, dual-channel power supplies have independently regulated and controlled outputs and features a V1 output of 12/2436/48 Vdc rated for 180–225 W continuous power and up to 170% peak load capability and a V2 output of 5  V @5 A for logic control. Each output is isolated and regulated with a separate remote on/off control of V1 with V2 providing continuous 5 V output for control and monitoring of digital circuits.
Powergate; 866/588-1750;

C4500 Series of 1,600 W, 6 U high, VME/Eurorack-compatible DC/DC and AC/DC converters are available in nine standard DC input voltage ranges from 10-900 Vdc, as well as AC input voltage ranges of 185-264 Vac and 93-138 Vac/185-264 Vac (switchable). Three-phase AC input voltages of 3x400 Vac (320-460 Vac) and 3x480 Vac (400-530 Vac) also are available. All outputs are adjustable and fully regulated to 0.2% or better (load) and 0.1% (line).
Schaefer; 508/881-7330;

VF-S150 switching power supplies feature power factor correction (EN61000-3-2 class A), maximum power output of 150 W with 16 CFM of forced-air cooling, and provide 600 W of peak power for up to 500 ms. The units produce full output power from 0-50 °C. Power de-rates linearly from 50-70 °C. Control and protection features include remote on/off, over-voltage, over-current, over-temperature, and short-circuit protections.
V-Infinity; 503/372-1267;