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By Katherine Bonfante, managing editor, digital media

Last month we talked about our plans to make the web site more interactive during 2008, and we started the year by launching our Machine Builder Spotlight page of video interviews and machine controls demonstrations.

Our very first interview was with RPS Automation’s CEO Reed Gaither and director of engineering Baran Thompson at the 2007 Electronic Assembly Show in Chicago.

Just a week after the video posted, I decided to check its impact on site traffic. For those of you who missed my last column, one of my resolutions was to increase web traffic by introducing more interactive pages to the site. To my surprise, this video had been watched 95 times in just seven days. Success!

Now we’re showcasing five video interviews with industrial machine builders such as Packaging Technologies, Filamatic, FKI Logistex, Hutt, and RPS Automation. And our viewership continues to rise exponentially.

Each video has exclusive interviews with key controls engineers, explaining controls and automation systems. We interviewed FKI Logistex’s vice president—machine products Frank Pellegrino and product manager—palletizing systems Pat O’Connor, Hutt’s president Rudi Hutt, Filamatic’s director of program management Rick Jensen and director of engineering Jack Grosskopf, Packaging Technologies food and filling engineering manager Paul Wolf and RPS’ Gaither and Thompson.

If you haven’t see the videos, log on now at ControlDesign.com/mbspotlight.

In January, we also talked about how we wanted you to participate more in activities on our web site. Our Machine Builder Forum is the right place to participate by voicing your opinion. Did you read Scott Gee’s forum entry, “Safety Standards: What Are We Paying For?

In his forum entry, Scott laments how expensive it is to obtain UL508 and UL508A standards. What’s more, these standards get revised from time to time, and if you want a copy of these revisions you need to pay each time.

The companies that provide these standards charge a hard-copy fee, as if the standards still came in hard-copy form when these are actually provided electronically as PDF files. “There must be a less expensive way for the engineering consumer to have access to specific, relevant information,” writes Gee.

If you missed this forum discussion and the comments generated, join the party now by logging on to Machine Builder Forum at ControlDesign.com/MBF. Lots of controversial discussions await your input.



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To download PDF papers, go to ControlDesign.com/whitepapers.



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