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Are You A Controls Engineer Who Is Looking for a Refresher Course? If So, Look No More.

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Control Design has put together a list of online resources that will help you remember the fundamentals of the technology you use on daily.


Know Your Cuts of Cable
Using the Wrong Wire or Cable Could Cause Machine or Safety Problems and Potential Interference

The Not-So-Odd Couple
Like an Old, Married Couple, a Motor and Its Generator Are Bound Together. One Does Not Exist Without the Other

Autonomous Cooperating Agents
In a Rod Mill, Multiple Cooling Functions Coordinate Efforts to Achieve an Overall Performance Characteristic

Warm and Fuzzy
Fuzzy Logic Can Extend Traditional Binary Logic. A Heater Control Application Demonstrates the Method

Algebraic Solution Beats Fuzzy Logic
A Non-linear, Tunable PI Controller Provides Improved Performance in Applications That Need Closed-Loop Control Response

Closed-Loop PID Algorithms in Motion/Motor Control
Differential Feed Forward Can Be Used for Numerical Controls, or Integral Feed Backward Can Be Used for Trajectory Control of Motion

Absolute Noise Corrupts Absolutely
Since Most Wiring Is Fixed in Place, Varying Currents Are The Usual Cause of Magnetic Coupling


Back to Basics
How helpful do you find refreshers and primers on engineering topics? Do back-to-basics articles provide you with the kind of information that helps you to perform better as a controls engineer? Which topics have you found helpful in the past? And which ones would you find helpful in future issues?
Let us know!


Analog Infinity Doesn’t Compute
With an A/D Converter, the Analog Signal is Approximated into a Fixed Number of Slices. The More Slices, the Higher the Resolution of the Converter

Analog I/O Is Discretely Valuable
Designing or Specifying a Device for A/D Conversion Consists of a Series of Tradeoffs. More Resolution Means More Accurate Converstion but More Expensive Hardware

Know Your Serials
Created Back in the 1960s, Serial Communication Interfacing (SCI) Today Is a Relatively Standard Method of Communicating on the Factory Floor, Particularly in Legacy Machine Control Systems

The Right HMI Tool for the Job
HMI Software Packages Designed to Run Efficiently on PDAs Don’t Have All the Features of Their Big Brothers, but Most of Them Have More Than Enough Functionality for Remote Monitoring and Control

MV Transmitters: Help or Hindrance?
Although Various Types of Multivariable Transmitters Have Been Around for Some Time, Their Value to the Skid Builder Has Been Mixed, Especially in Terms of Their Effect on Faster, More Reliable Installations

You Say FISCO, and I Say FNICO
Many Process Industries Embrace Fieldbus Technology, but When It Comes to Hazardous Environment Applications, Machine and Skid Builders Who Work in That Space Often Need Alternatives to Those Solutions

No Noise Is Good Noise
With the Ever-Increasing Use of Electronics for Industrial Machine Control and Information Processing, Machine Builders Must help Enclosures Handle Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) Up Front, at the Design Stage

Sending Clear Signals
A Few Tips for Ensuring Accurate and Dependable Signal Processing

Trouble-Free Troubleshooting
As Machine Builders, Playing “What If?” Is a Common Technique When Undertaking the Complex Chore of Troubleshooting What Went Wrong With Your System

Presentation Is Everything
Choosing a PC or Operator Panel for a Particular Machine Control Application Can Be Complex

Data Collection Needs Define Recorder Selection

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