New PAC Combines Network Needs

Bosch Rexroth Expands Its Line of IndraLogic PLCs and PACs

IndraControl L65
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Machine builders, system integrators, and discrete end users often face the problem of having a network for their machine motion control and a separate network for the remote I/O. This can be caused by a number of factors including changes in technology over time or the need for performance that’s unavailable from a current network.

One of the big disadvantages of running separate networks is the need for additional programming, which is not always compatible. Just as bad, to run both networks separately, additional hardware is needed, and that takes up valuable space.

Bosch Rexroth expanded its line of IndraLogic PLCs and PACs toward solving this problem.

“The IndraControl L65 is the first of our PLCs to embrace the trend toward Ethernet fieldbuses,” says Ted Thayer, PLC and HMI product manager for Bosch Rexroth. “This PAC will support EtherNet/IP, Profinet and SERCOS III. The SERCOS III network can act as both a remote I/O network and as a motion control network. SERCOS III also will enable hot plug-in functionality that will improve the efficiency of the network. If there is cable or switch damage to the Ethernet structure, there is no need to reboot the master or network nodes when the damage is repaired.”

The new controller features unified programming software, scalable hardware, pre-developed functions, reusable code, large memory and built-in connectivity, which Thayer says can reduce engineering time for machine builders who work with complex machines.

“With the SERCOS III network capabilitiy, a company could eliminate the need for additional programming and additional hardware that would be used to run separate networks,” explains Thayer.

Designed for general automation, printing, converting, packaging and machine tool industries, the IEC-compliant IndraControl L65 meets IEC 61131 standards and has 36 MB of program memory for extensive multitasking and running multiple device profiles. With a 1 GHz Intel Celeron M processor, the L65 can perform in motion-logic applications.

To save memory space and help improve scan time, Rexroth’s L65 PAC also incorporates reusable code, resulting in a scan rate approximately 50% faster than comparable PACs currently on the market, says Thayer.

To save engineering time, the IndraControl L65 has dozens of PLCopen machine functions that are pre-programmed according to IEC 61131-3 standards.

“Machine builders can reuse programs from other Rexroth PLCs and PACs without requiring different configurations or multiple versions,” says Thayer. “In addition, all the IndraControl L65 can be programmed with the same Rexroth IndraWorks unified software program for seamless engineering.”

It also is designed for scalability. The unit has eight onboard I/O slots for up to 512 I/O on more complex machines. Function modules can be added as needed.

Other features include 1 GB of flash memory to store program data, back-up programs and program documentation, as well as an integrated display feature for settings and diagnostics. “The L65 also is a motion controller with the ability to do up to 64 axes of motion control,” adds Thayer. “In addition, the L65 comes with a standard TCP/IP Ethernet port for remote access, engineering, visualization or SCADA functionality. It fulfills the increasing need to control ever-larger and more-complex applications and increase production while holding the line on costs.”