Infographic: Do You Have Approved Initiatives to Deploy Wireless During the Next Year?

Survey Results Show 47.5% of Respondents Have Approved Initiatives. Here's a List of the Following Initiatives Indicated

By Control Design Staff

An electronic survey of Industrial Networking readers was conducted in February, 2013, in order to identify usage and application trends of wireless networking among the magazine's readership.

47.5% of respondents have approved initiatives to deply wireless during the next year. 52.5% do not.

3 do you have approved initiatives

Of the 47.5% of respondents who have approved initiatives to deploy wireless in the next year the following initiatives were indicated:

  • Wireless HART 35.8%
  • 802.11b/g 16.1%
  • 802.11n 14.8%
  • 802.15.4(Zigbee) 4.9%
  • Proprietary protocol 6.2%
  • 802.11a 2.5%

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4 if yes what type