The 'Big Data' Drinking Binge

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Magazine Wonders If Some of Us Are Experiencing the Hangover

By Karen Langhuaser, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

According to sister publication Pharmaceutical Manufacturing (PM), 4.75 billion pieces of content are shared each day on Facebook and 400 million Twitter tweets are shared. But social media is only a sliver of the pie. 'Big Data's' stampeding affect on the digital universe has evolved at lightning speeds. Mobile and tablet devices have made that data even more accessible. When it comes to research, do you feel overwhelmed by all the data? Karen Langhuaser, digital content manager for PM, watched a TED talk by author, lecturer and "Medical Futurist" Dr. Bertalan Mesko recently. The basis of the talk surrounded information overload from the Internet. Langhuaser has some great takeaways from the talk that we believe you'll find of interest.

Read the full article on PM. After you're done, come back here and let us know if you are feeling the Big Data hangover.