Only 10% of managers have what it takes to be managers

A new report from Gallup finds only 10% of managers have what it takes to actually be a great manager.

Are you happy with your job? With your co-workers? If the answer is no, try on this new statistic for size: only 10% of managers have what it takes to actually be a manager.

Gallup recently released its "State of the American Manager: Analytics and Advice for Leaders" report, which provides an in-depth look at what characterizes great managers and gives organizations the knowledge to find, hire and develop more great managers.

The report is based on more than four decades of talent research, a study of 2.5 million manager-led teams in 195 countries and analysis from measuring the engagement of 27 million employees.

The main finding of the report, based on extensive polling, shows that only 10% of those in management positions are actually suited for them.

"There’s a reason for this," says Jim Clifton, Gallup chairman and CEO, "authentic management talent is rare. Gallup’s research shows that just one in 10 have the natural, God-given talent to manage a team of people. They know how to motivate every individual on their team, boldly review performance, build relationships, overcome adversity and make decisions based on productivity — not politics. A manager with little talent for the job will deal with workplace problems through manipulation and unhelpful office politics."

Download and read the report in its entirety here.