Panel Meters

What’s the best way to measure, control and display?

Are analog panel meters still good enough, or do we need to look at digital panel meters or the HMI-PLC combo units?

By Control Design

The textile machinery we build includes some wet process technologies. Analog panel meters have always done the job, but we’ve started looking at different options. Newer process designs have required greater accuracy and enabled closed-loop control on processes that previously required manual operation. We’re looking at higher-end digital panel meters, but each piece of equipment requires many, and they all require some degree of configuration. Because of the price, the costs mount quickly.

Are there digital-panel-meter options that will meet our needs without putting us at a price disadvantage with our competitors? Perhaps I could replace the panel meters with a PLC and HMI. I’ve also heard about the PLC-HMI combos with PID capability now. Are either of those viable alternatives?

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