Another Opinion on Relays vs. microPLCs

Jeremy Pollard sent this along in response to the June RealAnswers question from the reader who uses a micro-PLC for his company's metal-cutting machines.

"My initial reaction wouldn't be printed. But how's this. Wake up and innovate! I don't mean to single you out as there are a ton of machine OEMs who continue to do the same thing...

Make your controller your own. No one needs or wants to get into your algorithms, and if they do they'll likely just steal it. They want the data for data mining and ERP and the like. Don’t allow them access. You are the gatekeeper

Divellbiss is a company that makes a PLC on a chip. A company like that will develop a custom solution for you and label it as yours.

The software is yours, the algorithms are yours, and the IP is yours.

No customer will ever question you on a solution as long as you support it, have the proper interfacing, and an OK cost. No one cares what PLC you use eccept when you tell them you are using one. So, don't tell them!

These customers are failing your company. Re-invent. Enable them to make a better decision!