How Dr. Seuss Would Automate Quality Management

I'm a huge fan of the genius that was Theodor Seuss Geisel, aka Dr. Seuss.  His lighthearted stories all had deep meaning at the core. His words were filled with great advice for the young and the young at heart.  So it comes as no surprise to me that while reading "Horton Hears a Who" to my daughters, I was struck with this thought…how would Dr. Seuss have approached quality management?  Certainly not conventionally. And with that, here's my tribute to the prose of Dr. Seuss…with a quality management twist.

One extremely long day in the building of Tule, a Quality Manager sat pondering, not knowing quite what to do. Something must be done to improve our processes galore, lately things seem to be lagging, I can't take much more.


Photo Credit: LNS Research

His employees were working earnestly, much like every day, yet something in the system was getting in the way. I must figure it out, I must know what's wrong, why something we're doing isn't effective, and why each task takes so long.

His processes were manual, they required much work, there wasn't much that could function without an employee tasked to help.  There had to be something, something that could be done, to take the brunt off each person and fix the way the process was run.

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