Learn How to Finish the Job Sooner in Our July 2013 Issue

Ralph Waldo E. said it's about the journey, not the destination. If you're someone who puts together machine control systems, you couldn't disagree more. The July issue's cover story, "Get There Sooner," written by executive editor Jim Montague, reports that replacing the many, separate, often winding paths of automation and control functions with a straightforward, unified platform helps machine builders speed up machine design and operation.

Also in this issue, our article, "Imaged-Based ID Boosts Read Rates," describes a solution to a difficult, dirty, barcode-read application that replaced an over-matched laser scanner system, and improved plant efficiency.

The Product Roundup section, "Machine Safety Fits Everywhere," makes it pretty clear that there are few obstacles to full integration of machine control and safety.

Also, you'll find a variety of expert opinions in RealAnswers that try to answer a reader inquiry that asks, "Is an Imaging Sensor Sensible?"