Looking Back on 15 Years

Did you know that Control Design is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year? We've got several tidbits in store throughout the year, taking glances here and there back at the technology that has shaped control and automation for machine builders over the years. Our big celebration will come in June, with an in-depth exploration of how the times have changed.

For our InDiscrete news section, I've been enjoying gathering a timeline each month with some highlights of the events and developments that shaped technology since we launched in 1997. I've been trying to keep the flashback technology-focused, with a few other details thrown in for fun (what engineer doesn't like the Simpsons after all, eh?). Check out February's Flashback.

We'd love to get more into the Flashback that relates specifically to controls and automation, but we're lacking specific dates to go along with the key developments. Got a date within that 15-year history that you'd like to celebrate? Help us out and send it along.

Or maybe you'd just like to share some of your memories of how different (or the same) things are now from when you started in the controls business. We'd love to hear about it. Chime in here, or drop me a line at ahand@putman.net.