More Exit Polling.....

....from the ongoing Buying Habits study....

Answering the question "What's the best NON-VENDOR website you've found to help you with product research?", this machine builder answered, "How is anything considered a non-vendor site when essentially vendor ads pay for all these sites?"

So, he didn't answer the question as we'd hoped, but he did poke us media folks in the eye with that. It might imply he's not sure he can find unbiased help.

I hope that in our case, he and anyone else visiting find the content to be more user-focused and non-vendor pandering than anyplace else.

I'd really like to hear from more of our audience about that, however they feel.

Post something here, email it to me, etc.

Then, if you haven't yet, grab the email that included your link to participate in the study and add your weight to the results.