Opening Night Reviews 1997

Reader reaction to our first issue (June 1997) of Control Design included these remarks, which I guess you could take as restrained optimism that we might possibly survive another issue or two: "I don't know how you got my name, but I got your premier issue of Control Design and I'm glad I did...You had a lot for me in this first issue. I don't know if this was just coincidence or if you somehow managed to editorially tune in to the technical interests of engineers like me. Hopefully, it’s the latter; I suppose only time will tell.”
There was curbed enthusiasm: “Better than some.”
Another: “Please do a good job of keeping me up to date, even if you’re not being paid by an advertiser to do so.”
And: “You’re too new to have credibility.”
And: I have high hopes and deep reservations for Control Design. Good luck with the magazine. I’ll be watching.”
How do you like us now?