R.I.P. RFID? Maybe not, but there's dirt on the shovel...

If you follow us on the Web or in our print product, you know that over the years we've been trying to keep you ahead of the curve of how RFID might one day impact you as a machine builder or integrator.

You remember how RFID had been touted as the positively, absolutely, without question, bet the farm on it, identification method that would render all other forms of product ID irrelevant any minute now.

After all,  once Wal-Mart and the DOD started pushing suppliers around by demanding their religious technology conversion to RFID, what more incentive could there be? The effects would surge into all aspects of manufacturing like nature abhorring a vacuum and doing something about it. 

Read this. It's not the end of it by any stretch, but it might be another good example of a solution technology looking for a real problem to solve.