Screwball of Confusion?

There's an insistent drum beat in motion control nation that says the demise of electromechanical components, including the family of ball screws and lead screws is on a fast track. The well-touted advantages of direct-drive motors for all but a few high-torque applications seem compelling.

As with many technology predictions, the talk of the demise of ball screws and lead screws for linear motion translation often neglects to factor-in those applications for which the approach is highly beneficial.

So, then, are lead screws and ball screws alive and well in your application? An article we're about to publish says there's a lot of precise, accurate work being handled by ball screws and lead screws in demanding applications. (See Mechanical Options Match Needs.)

Are there other non-motion performance needs-like noise issues-that the article tells us PerkinElmer contended with? I'm sure there are, but it's you folks you do the implementations.

Add to the discussion. Right Here. Right Now. Or Later. We would prefer now, though.