Showcasing Your Job Skills

Every day you read it in newspapers or you watch it on news shows, hundreds of companies are laying-off hundreds if not thousands of their employees. The economic crisis is hitting every industry. Hard working professional are at a lost today and no one is prepared to be laid off. Yet, budget cuts are a cruel reality and millions of Americans face the fear of being laid-off.

Are you one of the individuals your company will keep? Right now, this is the question on everyone's mind. Some people don't want to think about it, they ignore the situation and take it day by day. Others are keeping busy and have taken additional responsibilities at work. No one wants to be laid off and what you're focusing on is showcasing your skills. Letting your employer know that you are a valuable team player is your main concern. How do you showcase your skills? Are you doing anything to show your employer that you have the right skills, that you are the individual they musk keep?