A Workforce Solution

We've run our share of articles and debates about the purported lack of skilled workers available in the manufacturing industry these days. We've also talked about whether America's education system is giving students the kind of teachings they need to learn technical skills. But how about the companies that are willing to step up and really do something about it?

Our April OEM Insight column comes from a young engineer whose company has taken matters into its own hands, creating a cooperative education program that teaches students the skills they need, and then is prepared to actually hire them full time when they graduate from college.

Corey Radley, who came up through the program himself, explains how Fives Cinetic, a machine builder in the Detroit area, works closely with local universities to get mechanical, electrical, computer and industrial engineering students, as well as computer science students through the program, which alternates full-time employment with full-time academics.

It’s an interesting and promising model that provides Fives Cinetic with the new talent they need on a regular basis, and gives students great opportunities in the manufacturing world. Check out Radley’s column to see if this solution might work for your company.

What solutions is your company using to find skilled workers? Share your ideas.