AME Announces Its Sponsorship of Manufacturing Day

Every year, Americans celebrate national holidays from Christmas to Easter.  We acknowledge Valentine's Day and self-proclaimed days, such as "Sweetest Day."

This year on Oct. 3, people will celebrate something new.  The Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME) is proud to sponsor this year's Manufacturing Day.

On this day, a number of different national events will take place all day to highlight manufacturing's impact on the world as well as give a sneak peak into different organizations.  Manufacturing companies will open the door the public and offer tours of their facilities.

Participating schools will also offer tours and open houses. Classes and resources will be offered for those interested in a career in manufacturing.

"What many people don't know is that manufacturing professionals are highly trained, well-paid people who work on state-of the-art equipment. There are jobs in manufacturing, and we need more people to understand how rewarding a manufacturing job can be," said AME President Paul Kuchuris.

To follow AME's participation in Manufacturing Day, follow AME on Twitter @ameconnect and use hashtag #mfgday14. In addition to AME, Manufacturing Day is supported and sponsored by a number of leading manufacturers and co-producers. With their support, it was estimated that roughly 35,000 people participated in last year's Manufacturing Day through the 834 events and open houses that took place. To learn more about the scheduled events in your area and how to get involved, check out the official Manufacturing Day website.