Astronauts, STEM, Competition, Oh My!

Design, deployment and management of information technology solutions provider, JDL Technologies, has joined forces with NASA and Coaxis Intl. as a Mission Control Sponsor for the Florida Student Astronaut Challenge, March 7-9 at the Kennedy Space Center.

The challenge was designed to engage high school students in competition focused on aerospace, and science technology, engineering and math (STEM).

"JDL Technologies is a long-standing proponent of education technology," said Scott Fluegge, president and general manager of JDL Technologies. "We recently installed wireless networks throughout Miami-Dade, and JDL manages the network operations center for Broward County, respectively the fourth- and sixth-largest public school systems in the U.S. Wireless networks are vital to the new education technology initiatives that promote BYOD on campus as well as anytime/anywhere learning."

Thirteen high school teams will compete in three events. First, second and third place awards will be given in each event, with the state trophy to be awarded to the top-scoring team from all three events, according to JDL Technologies.

JDL is also participating in the Florida Education Technology Conference (FETC) in Orlando, Jan. 28-31. Educators and administrators are invited to FETC to explore integration technology for use in curriculum through hands-on workshops, hardware, software, IT solutions and more.