Celebrate National Robotics Week

It's National Robotics Week, with lots of events to join in all week around the country to celebrate robotics technology, educate the public about how robotics impacts society, advocate for increased R&D funding, and inspire students to pursue careers in robotics and other STEM-related fields.

You can check this map to see what’s going on in your area. In our part of the country, for example, Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry is holding a Robot Revolution Block Party, with robots from Japan, the U.S. and local robot clubs being demonstrated. This coming weekend is the Greater Chicago Botball Tournament as well.

Robotic Industries Association (RIA) is presenting a webinar tomorrow on Career Opportunities in Robotics. I plan to tune in, and will let you know here what I learn.

There’s certainly no shortage of events going on this week if you’re interested in getting involved in the robotics celebration.