Getting Kids to Want to Learn STEM

If we can get our kids to love school, then we've just overcome one of the biggest hurdles as parents. We no longer have to yell repeatedly to get them out of bed in the morning, or argue they really aren't "sick" and are capable of going to school. But if you aren't one of those lucky parents, aren't you dieing to know how others got their children to have a plethora of desire for learning?

What if I told you there are schools out there that make kids what to learn algebra and participate in problem solving activities? Well, PRIME model schools must be doing something right.

We've been pushing for years to create programs that increase students' interest in technical studies while in high school. One of the best out there that's working is SME Education Foundation.

In this blog entry from Walt Boyes, editor in chief for sister publication Control Global, you learn about a new community-based approach to manufacturing education that specifically addresses the shortage of manufacturing and technical talent in the U.S.

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