Latino Involvement in STEM

The future of the American economy is in the hands of our children. Yet, right now we have to make sure we educate children well in order to ensure the future of the country - and why not the world as well. We all talk about how we should make sure all children get interested in STEM careers, but what we should discuss is how we can get minority children interested in this field as well.

A recent article by the Huffington Post says that "ensuring America's competitiveness depends on making sure that Latinos - and Americans of all races - have the education and technical skills they need to advance their careers."

Right now, Latinos make up more than 22 percent of all elementary school children. We should all invest in their education and their interest in STEM fields. The U.S Energy Department has already implemented some education programs that target this minority group. They are:

Read the article "Developing Minorities in STEM" by the Huffington Post and learn how the Energy Department is working to increase Latino involvement in STEM fields.