Minnesota Creates Interactive Learning in STEM

Minnesota organizations are working together as part of a larger initiative to promote science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education. State organizations including the Minnesota Department of Education, Minnesota High Tech Assn, Minnesota Business Partnership and Minnesota Chamber of Commerce are creating programs aimed at high school students, parents and educators to encourage early career and post-secondary STEM planning.

Mn-stem.com is an interactive websites created by these organizations as part of its STEM initiative. The site allows students to participate in specific coursework that will help prepare them for future STEM careers. Whether your child is interested in becoming a mechanic, aircraft engineer, forensic scientist or a firefighter, this website offers them several multimedia tools to get them started.

Under the "Resources + Links" tab, not only can parents can get in-depth information on advanced education providers and Minnesota organizations that have available STEM programs, but there are a number of fun ways students can develop creativity, divergent thinking and persistence with brain teasers, puzzles, quizzes and more.

Here are a few to get your child started:

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