Partnership Aligns STEM Education With Real-World Job Opportunities

The partnership between Siemens' PLM Software and CADENAS has been extended to help further align science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) students with the tools needed to prepare them for real-world manufacturing job opportunities.

Students and teachers now have free access to and an online catalog of millions of 3D digital parts from more than 400 manufacturers, which is based on CADENAS' widely-used PARTcommunity technology, to increase product design productivity for industrial manufacturers.

According to Siemens, "through geometric similarity searches, intelligent search systems and access to sensibly structured catalog data, the online catalog exposes students to concepts of mass customization and CAD model reuse, both of which are keys to productivity for future employers."

"Our academic program is focused on developing a highly trained and heavily recruited PLM workforce," said Bill Boswell, senior director of Partner Strategy, Siemens PLM Software. "Student engineers and computer scientists who work with real-world data like this can be stronger graduates. In addition, they can save time and increase their productivity using standard parts – just like our customers do every day."

CADENAS PARTsolutions takes away the hassle of searching multiple sources for designers seeking a standard design. The process is not only time consuming, but products can be difficult to locate and identify. Designers who choose CADENAS PARTsolutions can speed up their research process, therefore allowing more time for their product designs.

"Engineering excellence can only be achieved with practical orientation," said Jürgen Heimbach, CEO of CADENAS. "Students are now able to use the same resources as the industry pros."