STEM Becomes a Virtual Reality for Gamers

Virtual reality can now be controlled in the hands of your everyday video gamer.

Sixense's STEM Systems is a wireless, modular motion tracking platform that enables PC, Mac and Linux games to track a player's position and orientation with up to five points on the body.

The STEM System consists of several parts:

1) STEM units that fit into the controller or pack
2) STEM base that manages all pieces
3) STEM controller featuring an analog joystick, buttons and bumpers
4) STEM Pack that attaches to the player's legs, head or torso

These combined parts allow the system to track all of a player's limbs, head and body movements while playing a game.

Funding for the project is provided by Kickstarter, a supporter of creative projects in everything from film and games to music and design. The goal of Kickstarter is to get the STEM System into developers' hand so they can create games for it, according to Mashable.

The Kickstarter campaign set a goal to raise $250,000 for the project. Within the first couple of hours of its launch, the campaigned surpassed $150,000.

Watch this video from Sixence that discusses the STEM System prototype with foot and hand tracking: