STEM Summer Camps

Yesterday was the first day of STEM camps for high school students attending the Young Innovators Quest (YIQ), and students or teachers attending IUPUI Nanotechnology Discovery Academy. The STEM camps are held at  Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis and run until June 29.

YIQ is sponsored by Health and Science Innovations and is designed to motivate high school students to become innovators in science and technology.

This is the second year YIQ is running. At the camps, students are able to research and get hands-on-experience in STEM-based subjects such as computer programming, molecular biology, engineering applications and neuroimaging. At the camps, participants are supervised by different scientists from the University.

"Our Central Indiana high school students must have diverse opportunities to learn and have exposure to STEM fields through programs that allow them to explore and participate in hands-on activities," Diana Vasquez, research programs coordinator of Health and Science Innovations told IUPUI News. "The Young Innovators Quest gives the students this opportunity, as well as the space to interact with professionals who can share their experience and become their mentors for the development of research projects and creation of innovative ideas."

During the first week, students meet from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., and during the second week, they move to the IUPUI campus and stay overnight.

Mangilal Agarwal, associate director of research development at IUPUI told IUPUI News that the primary goal of IUPUI Nanotechnology Discovery Academy camp is to motivate kids to enter careers in STEM disciplines.

The second session of the IUPUI Nanotechnology Discovery Academy summer camp for students starts June 24. Teacher sessions are scheduled for July 15 to 19.