Super-Genius STEM Girls

It’s a little hard not to be interested in a headline that reads: "If Three Little Girls Did This to My House, I'd Do Everything I Could to Get Them Full Rides to Stanford." Well, making important topics go viral on social media sites is just what mission-driven media company, Upworthy, aims to do.

In a recent post, writer Adam Mordecai sets his sites on the lack of women interested in pursuing careers in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Currently, less than three in 10 women graduate with a STEM degree. Worse than that statistic is the shocking figure that only one in 10 engineers are actually women.

Sparking female interest at a young age is the best way to encourage them to enter STEM fields later in life. This 2-min video from toy manufacturer GoldieBlox shows just how "epic" this strategy can be. Check out these super-genius women of STEM: