Where Will Your Child's Education STEM From?

If you want your child to be interested in STEM careers, you need to spark their interest at a young age. Many school children get involved in FIRST Robotics when they are young scouts or even later, when they are of high school age. Some children might be born with a natural aptitude for engineering as is the case of Caine Monroy (see Caine's Arcadae). If your son or daughter shows an interest in STEM and you want to make sure he or she gets the right tools and guidance, you should make sure your child enrolls in one of the best High Schools for STEM.

U.S. News just published their annual "Best High Schools for STEM" report, and this year's rankings include the top 250 schools—the rankings were based on students' participation and performance on math and science Advanced Placement exams.

To learn more about the report read the article "U.S. News Ranks Top 250 STEM High Schools" and to check the full rankings of the best high schools click here.

Slideshow Best High Schools for STEM