You Can Help Prepare and Encourage Future Female Engineers

It all starts with TOYS! Debbie Sterling Lewis, inventor, engineer, and CEO of GoldieBlox, says that she felt she needed to do something to encourage young girls to go into the engineering field. Right now 89% of professionals in engineering are male, yet 50% of the world population is female. The lack of women in this field is something that has always bothered Lewis, and she believed she needed to do something.

Lewis wondered how she could get young girls to be interested in construction toys. Boys naturally like building things and girls tend to focus more in reading and the arts. By combining reading and building, Lewis has prototyped a toy that inspires girls to dream of future careers as engineers, machine builders and much more.

Watch this video to learn more about Lewis and GoldieBlox. See how you can help Lewis accomplish her dream. You help Lewis inspire your young daughter (if you have one) to grow up to become the next award-winning engineer, inventor…etc.

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