SICK Monitoring Box

June 14, 2022

SICK launched Monitoring Box, a Smart Service web application that enables access to sensor data for cloud-based condition monitoring. Monitoring Box visualizes status data from SICK sensors and allows for the real-time visualization of internal device parameters to diagnose and monitor fault conditions. The Monitoring Box consists of a SICK Smart Service Gateway, a cloud service for data security and long-term data backup, and the Monitoring App provides application-specific support for analyzers. The Monitoring Box dashboard provides an overview of the status, name, and location of sensors in real time. Live status data includes device information and status, operating mode, and other data points that help to detect errors and malfunctions. In addition, historical data and issue/alert logs are also available. The Monitoring Box is available for several SICK sensors, including safety and non-safety LiDAR, vision technology, barcode readers, RFID, and more.