July 15, 2021

SureServo2 servo systems, built from motor, drive, I/O breakout module and cable set components, are now available from AutomationDirect. The SureServo2 offering includes high-powered systems (up to 15kW), wide input power options (110VAC or 220VAC in single or three phase), and a host of additional hardware and software features. The built-in motion controller now includes routines for registration, electronic camming, rotary shear, flying shear and more. Option cards are available for EtherNet/IP and Modbus TCP network connectivity. The free, downloadable setup software now includes four tuning modes with the ability to auto-tune systems with up to 50:1 inertia mismatch and a built-in oscilloscope for super-exacting insight into system operation for development, troubleshooting and diagnostics.