icotek split EMC cable entry

Nov. 6, 2020
EMC-KEL-DS is based on the company's KEL-U system

Icotek's split EMC cable entry EMC-KEL-DS is based on the company's KEL-U system. The EMC-KEL-DS guarantees EMC tightness and diverts shield-related and field-related interference.

The split frame makes it possible to insert pre-assembled cables and to seal them in accordance with IP55. The split frame and split grommets alleviate cutting and rewiring needs for pre-terminated cables. The EMC-DS systems have a double chamber. The opened cable entry is equipped with a grommet in each chamber. The EMC grommet is a fully conductive cable grommet for contacting the cable shield over 360° in order to divert line-related interference. The cable is stripped and the sensitive cable shield exposed. The contact is made on the EMC-KT grommet and then on the conductive, metallized frame. The additional KT grommet has a pure sealing and strain relief function. The conductive flat seal is included in the scope of delivery and establishes the contact between the EMC cable entry and the conductive housing wall.

The EMC cable entry is available in three versions and is suitable for the standard industrial cut-out size 112x36 mm. The EMC-KEL-DS is halogen and silicone free.