Otek hybrid panel meter with cybersecurity protection

Sept. 29, 2020

Otek's SSAM-N digital panel meters are designed to replace virtually any 4-inch ANSI meter without requiring the surrounding panel and wiring to be changed or removed. Powered by the signal it measures, the SSAM-N was designed without any critical digital assets to avoid vulnerabilities to cybersecurity attacks. It uses CMOS logic to power the instrument and a receivable analog input signal. Powered 100% by the signal, the SSAM-N can handle inputs of 4-20/10-50mA current loops, V/A, AC/DC, Watts and Hertz, and may also be externally powered. The SSAM-N include a 4 ½ digit LED display at 0.1% accuracy, SPDT SSR or Reed relays, optional isolated H.V. SPDT dual alarms for enunciator panel lamps, and a signal failure alarm that warns the operator in the event of a signal or power loss for approximately (1) minute.