EPC programmable linear measurement solution

Feb. 20, 2020

Encoder Products Company's latest linear measurement solution includes a spring-loaded mounting bracket combined with a choice of measuring wheel. Users can then select the encoder to meet their application requirements.

With up to 10 lbs of adjustable spring tension, this spring-loaded mounting bracket fits 2.5” shafted encoders with servo mounts and 58 mm shafted encoders with clamping flanges. The bracket works with EPC's Programmable incremental Model 25SP; model A58SE absolute encoder with either EtherCAT or PROFINET communication protocol; and model A25SB absolute encoder with either CANopen or SSI communication protocol.

Measuring wheels are available in urethane, knurled aluminum, hard anodized aluminum, or rubber insert. The Model 25SP, in conjunction with thePLMS-assembled-with-wheels USB Programming Module, allows them to program their encoder’s electronics. For incremental feedback, users can choose from 32 waveforms, select from three different output types and program any resolution from 1 - 65,536 CPR. If an application calls for absolute feedback, the Model A58SE offers either EtherCAT or PROFINET communication protocol and the Model A25SB offers either CANopen or SSI communication protocol, with resolution up to 16 bits for single turn or 43 bits for multi-turn.