Icotek EMC cable entry frame

July 17, 2018
Offers an alternative to conventional EMC cable Glands

Icotek offers cable entry frames with EMC shielding. The frames for cable entry are highly conductive and metallized. They are factory painted with a scratch resistant coat. The corresponding cable grommets EMC-KT from the manufacturer are made of conductive elastomer. Screen as well as field-related disturbances are derived directly via the grommet and the frame. Between the EMC-KEL and the metal wall, a conductive flat gasket is also mounted. Depending on the application, a degree of protection of IP66 can be achieved. Mounting variants are varied and individually changeable. The EMC-KEL ensures a 360° contact of the cable shield.

The EMC cable entry frame is an alternative to the conventional EMC cable gland. Only one breakout in the housing wall is required. The product is available in different sizes.