Encoder Products Company linear measurement mounting bracket

Jan. 23, 2018
The new mounting bracket fits size 25 programmable and absolute shaft encoders

The Encoder Products Company (EPC) latest linear measurement solution is a bracket that fits all of EPC’s Size 25 Shaft Encoders with 2.5" flange mounts, including absolute and programmable encoders.

The bracket works with the Model MA63S absolute encoder with resolution up to 14 bits Single Turn and 39 bits Multi-Turn. The MA63S is available in either SSI or CANopen output.

The bracket also works with Model 725I which is rated to bear a load of 80 lbs. This fully isolated encoder-within-an-encoder uses an internal flexible mount and independent set of bearings to protect the encoder from the effects of severe axial and radial shaft loading.

It also  works with the programmable Model 25SP Accu-CoderPro.

EPC also offers a variety of measuring wheels designed specifically to fit the mounting bracket.