Weintek touchscreen flat-panel Windows PC

Sept. 14, 2017
The cMT remote access line of HMI devices introduces touchscreens with embedded Windows OS that incorporate an industrial PC directly into the control and data flow

Part of Weintek's cMT remote access line of HMI devices, the cMT-iPC10 and cMT-iPC15 industrial touchscreen flat panel PC’s with embedded Windows OS incorporate an industrial PC with its analysis and communication applications directly into the control and data flow

When coupled with a cMT-SVR the devices can run EasyBuilder Pro software to work directly, via fully functional HMI with the plant floor devices and then channel the resultant data flows immediately into the appropriate analysis applications. The analysis can be shared in real time. Both devices include a 1.75GHz dual core 64bit CPU, 32GB sad, 4GB ram and run either Windows 7 or Windows 8.1.

The cMT-iPC10 has a 9.7 TFT display with 1024x768 resolution while the cMT-iPC15 has a 15-inch high-resolution display.