Artila C programmable I/O controller module

July 24, 2017
The RIO-2014PG is an all-in-one web-based control, sensor hub and device gateway computing platform

Artila Electronics' new FreeRTOS programmable remote I/O module, RIO-2014PG is a light-weight computing platform for device networking and remote monitoring.

RIO-2014PG is powered by a 32-bit Atmel SAM4E16E 120MHz ARM Cortex M4 processor which is equipped with 256KB SRAM, 3MB Flash and FreeRTOS real time operating system. This module features one 10/100 MHz Ethernet port, one RS-232, one isolated RS-485, four isolated analog input channels, two isolated analog output channels, four isolated digital input and two channels of relay and one 1-wire interface for temperature or humidity sensors.

This I/O module is shipped with a FreeRTOS+lwIP board support package, device manager utility and example programs.