Yaskawa direct drive servo motors

July 19, 2017
New SGM7F opens the door to more backlash-free automation applications

The Yaskawa SGM7F line of direct drive servo motors delivers from 4 to 35 Nm of torque in a device as small as 2.1” high and 5.3” in diameter (53x135mm). This size makes it possible to apply the mechanical benefits of a direct coupling between a servo motor and a load in tighter spaces. Machine designers can use SGM7F to make automated machinery more compact.

The chief advantage of direct drive products is the ability to attach a load directly to the servo motor, allowing a full range of motion control without the need for a shaft coupling or gearhead. The SGM7F also offers:

  • An open core design that adapts easily to shaft mounting and allows wiring to pass through easily
  • 24-bit encoding for exceptionally precise motion control
  • A self-cooled design that generates a low level of heat
  • A design that is ideal for applications which require downsizing and shorter cycle time

The SGM7F line offers eight different models including dial tables, transfer lines, die actuators, electronic parts assembly, and print registration.