Bedrock Automation Embedded Security

April 8, 2015
This industrial control system focuses on reliability, security and lifecycle costs

The Bedrock control system is designed to increase output and reliability at the lowest lifecycle costs. A 4-GB electromagnetic backplane enables all I/O to be refreshed every millisecond, independent of system size. I/O is universal and software-configurable, enabling automation solutions with only three I/O module types, and security is embedded throughout and extendable to third-party software and applications. All modules are equipped with microcontrollers and run Green Hills’ Integrity RTOS, which is certified by NIAP to EAL6+. Modules are all metal and chemically sealed with no seams or screws, and sensors are within so that memory is cleared if someone is able to cut the modules open. Backplanes come in 5-, 10- and 20-slot versions. Universal power supply is coupled to the backplane and also has secure microcontroller. One universal system cable works for all modules and has a patented knuckle to relieve cable strain and help with cable distribution.